NOW Probiotic-10 25 billion | Probiotic-10 25 billion | NOW Foods Probiotic 10 25 Billion | NOW Supplements Probiotic 10 25 billion | Probiotic 10 25 Billion NOW
NOW Probiotic-10 25 billion | Probiotic-10 25 billion | NOW Foods Probiotic 10 25 Billion | NOW Supplements Probiotic 10 25 billion | Probiotic 10 25 Billion NOW
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Probiotic-10, 25 Billion

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NOW Probiotic-10, 25 Billion – Your Digestive Health Champion
Introducing NOW Probiotic-10, 25 Billion – your daily companion for optimal digestive health. With its robust blend of 10 probiotic strains, this powerful supplement is specifically designed to support healthy gut flora and overall digestive comfort.

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that support a healthy intestinal environment. They play a key role in digestion, immune response, and other vital functions. NOW Probiotic-10, 25 Billion brings these beneficial microorganisms straight to your digestive system, helping you maintain a balanced gut microbiota.

Why Choose NOW Probiotic-10, 25 Billion?

  • Potent Probiotic Blend: With 25 Billion Colony Forming Units (CFUs) and a blend of 10 clinically validated probiotic strains, this supplement is crafted to deliver maximum digestive benefits.
  • Supports Digestive Health: Probiotic-10 promotes a healthy balance of gut flora, aids in nutrient absorption, and supports regular bowel movements, contributing to overall digestive comfort1.
  • Boosts Immune Response: A balanced gut microbiota not only supports digestion but also plays a crucial role in the body’s immune response. NOW Probiotic-10, 25 Billion can contribute to a healthy immune system2.
  • Quality Assurance: NOW’s dedication to quality ensures you receive a product that is safe, potent, and reliable. Plus, Probiotic-10, 25 Billion is vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free, suitable for a wide range of dietary needs.

Recommended Dosage:

For adults only. Take 1 capsule daily on an empty stomach.

Experience the Probiotic Power:

Research shows that probiotics can contribute to a healthy digestive system and immune function2. NOW Probiotic-10, 25 Billion makes these benefits accessible and convenient. However, remember that individual results can vary. The benefits of this probiotic supplement are most effectively experienced as part of a lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Choose NOW Probiotic-10, 25 Billion, and give your digestive health the care and attention it deserves. Start your journey towards balanced gut flora and enhanced wellbeing today.

1. Hill, C., Guarner, F., Reid, G., Gibson, G. R., Merenstein, D. J., Pot, B., Morelli, L., Canani, R. B., Flint, H. J., Salminen, S., Calder, P. C., and Sanders, M. E. “Expert Consensus Document. The International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics Consensus Statement on the Scope and Appropriate Use of the Term Probiotic.” Nature Reviews Gastroenterology & Hepatology 11, no. 8 (2014): 506-514.

2. Belkaid, Y., and Hand, T. W. “Role of the Microbiota in Immunity and Inflammation.” Cell 157, no. 1 (2014): 121-141.

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